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About the Crying Jordan

-cryingJORDAN is the MVP of all meme tokens and is known across the world! cryingJORDAN wants to destroy the competition and leave no doubt that it has claimed the #1 spot for meme currency. Although a meme token, cryingJORDAN is much more. We aim to be the sole token of all sports fans, meme lovers, and everyone else who wants to participate in a fully transparent community! With fully DOXXED DEV’s and an aggressive marketing strategy, cryingJORDAN is primed for the championship run!

About the team

-Invest with confidence! cryingJORDAN is backed by Critical Roll Development Team. Critical Roll is fully DOXXED, and has worked side by side with Rug Busters on countless projects. In addition, cryingJORDAN boasts an experienced marketing team that has an ultra-aggressive strategy ready to implement. cryingJORDAN will be #1!


  • 1 Quadrillion total supply
  • 85% in liquidity, 15% development, marketing & operations
Presale Split
  • 85% LP locked 45 days
  • 15% for early marketing & operations
Txn taxes
  • 3% redistribution to all holders
  • 6% free throw (Buyback after every 3rd sell)
  • 4% marketing (auto swap to BNB - no dunking tokens!)


Round 1

Social Media Platforms

Whitepaper Release

Coingecko, CMC, Blockfolio, etc. submissions

Air Jordan Drops (prizes, awards, giveaways)

Round 2

Gain global attention through popular influencers

NFT’s (create a sports centric NFT market!)

Press for Facebook official advertisement


Get media attention for record breaking performances!

Force Coinbase, Binance, Crypto.com to list us!

Get a tweet from Michael Jordan himself!

Get to know who's behind Crying Jordan

Gregory S

36, born visionary, came out of the womb knowing crypto marketing. Loves spending time with my kids and going to water parks! Looking to have a vacation on the moon and turn that grayscale terrain, green with money!!! Values transparency, communication, and ethical business practices!

Bob P

27, true gamer, loves to spend some his spare time from gaming and designing in building stuff and sometimes even doing graphics. Loves nature and animals but usually just from his window. Has fun talking about crypto, you will find him in every single group there is, even before they are created, somehow.

Chive C

31, the classic IT guy some would say. Likes to binge watch with his friends and is always behind the any computer. Would scream PC masterrace altough he never plays any games. Tries to trade like a bot but would have better chances programming one.